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    Success has never impaired our vision,inspite of being one of the best distributors and trader with in north india ,we stand for the same value and morals that we take along .
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    Chemicals is really a corner stone industry 96% of all manufactured goods are touched by chemistry so, innovation in the sector really impacts the whole economy . Being a part of innovation is the most important role in our organisation.
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    We are committed to promote environment friendly chemicals.
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    Growth Factor
    The growth potential inherit in this niche -jumping strategy began to dwindle in the late 1997.The driving force is dedicated hard work,honesty and reliable relationships within organisation.
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(Special Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Package)




Bleachwin Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 30 kg / 50 kg HM-HDPE Carbuoys

    Bleachwin 1 (Stabilizer)
  • 50 kg HM-HDPE Carbuoys

    Bleachwin 2 (Activator)
  • 25 kg/50 kg HDPE bags with inner HM liner







    Sr. Characteristic Specification
    Bleachwin Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)
    1. Appearance Colourless liquid
    2. Concentration 50% w/w
    3. Stability 0.3 ml of O2/25ml at 100oC for 30 minutes
    Bleachwin 1 (Special Stabilizer)
    1. Appearance Clear yellowish liquid
    2. Ionic Nature Anionic
    Bleachwin 2 (Special Activator)
    1. Appearance Pale Yellow Powder
    2. Iron (as Fe) 6 ppm max
    Caution : Activator should be stored in a cool, dry & well vaentilated place. Avoid contact of wood & iron with 50% concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide. Store in a shed avoiding direct sunlight contact.